LED Printed foam sticks
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Wilt u meer dan 2400 LED Foam sticks bestellen? Bij Foamstickshop.nl hebben we veel ervaring met dergelijke orders.

Vul het onderstaande formulier in en u ontvangt binnen 24 uur een offerte op maat, op basis van onze unieke best price guarantee!

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Our foam sticks & their magnificent effect

Foam sticks customer experience

Foamstickshop is working really hard to please their customers. You are being approached and helped personally, so that you do not feel as customer number 267 of today. Very enjoyable to work with. Would absolutely recommend!

Pixiedust Productions

Excellent customer service, personal contact with the salesmen and (not entirely unimportant) exactly delivered according to our own specifications! We are very satisfied customers, who can stand out nicely at their company event.


Just a little while ago I experienced the company’s fast delivery. Also, they respond very quickly when something’s not available from stock. No surprises, I knew exactly what I was up to!

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